Habitat for Humanity
Category: Community/Economic Development

Your donation will go toward:
Build 2018

Organization Profile

This local affiliate of the international Habitat for Humanity organization focuses on building affordable homes in Columbus for people who are forced to reside in unsatisfactory conditions.


Habitat for Humanity of Columbus NE

P.O. Box 1792

Columbus NE 68602-1792

Project Description

How can we measure what $10 would buy?  :-) 
Home ownership changes the lives of each person living there. 
College graduation rates are 116% higher for children of homeowners. 
Children of homeowners are 20% less likely to become teenage mothers.
Home owners are 28% more likely to vote.
How your contribution makes a financial impact:
$10 - Buys the door knobs for the home's doors.  Buys the house numbers for the home.
$20 - Gets the home a mailbox.  Buys a garden hose.
$50 - Pays for the window blinds.
$100 - Buys a storm door.  Pays for the toilet.  
$500 - Sods half the yard.  Purchases the lighting fixtures for the home.  Buys the building permit
$1200- Pays for the entire appliance package.  Cements the floor of the house.
$1500 - Furnishes the bathroom.
$3000 - Drywalls the house.  Runs electricity through the home.  Buys the flooring for the entire home.