Simon House
Category: Humanitarian Aid

Your donation will go to the general fund for this nonprofit.
There is not a specific project designated for the funds.

Organization Profile

In the spirit of Christian charity, we are committed to assisting those in need by supplying them with some of their basic needs of daily living at no cost to them, regardless of race, creed, opinion, or sex.

Project Description

This years dontions will be going to assist those that have the greatest needs.


Assisting those in need in our community with shelter, food and medical needs. We are seeing an increase of 75% locally within the last year. Being able to assist families and individuals with a more significant amount towards these areas will help to relieve some of the stresses, and financial burden. and help to get these families back on their feet again. General building repairs are also much needed for the safety of clients, staff and patrons. Replacement of awning by front door and resealing or replacing front door to better hold out the elements will also help to conserve on heating and cooling of the building.